Monthly Archives: December 2011

California AG goes After Fannie and Freddie

SAN FRANCISCO – California’s attorney general filed lawsuits against mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on Tuesday, demanding that the companies that own some 60 percent of the state’s mortgages respond to questions in a state investigation. Attorney General Kamala Harris, whose office filed the lawsuits in San Francisco Superior Court, is investigating Freddie […]

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Are You Better Off Buying A Smaller Home?

  If you’re shopping for a home in Hernando County or the rest of Florida, you may have walked through a few McMansions. Because of the shaky real-estate market, many of these opulent homes are being sold at rock-bottom prices. But even though large homes have become more affordable, should you consider buying one? Do […]

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Current Rate Lock Advisory And Market Commentary

12/8/2011 Recomendations Based On Market Conditions: 7 days: LOCK. 7-15 days:FLOAT, THE 10 YR HAS HELD KEY SUPPORT (2.12%). 15-30 days: FLOAT WITH CAUTION. 30+ days: FLOAT. US interest rates remain in their tight trading ranges;  mortgage prices are essentially unchanged now for over a month. Up and down with no real change ahead of […]

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